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Wardrobe Cleanse & Re Brand.


ReBrand - ReFresh - RePurpose & ReFrame

Connect to your style, create with your wardrobe.

Be Activated Be Motivated Be Inspired Be Elevated

Be Connected to the power of your wardrobe! 

This is a program to elevate, bring out and amplify who you are. 

It has a voice. Your wardrobe speaks FOR and ABOUT you ...

... it's has its own language and it communicates.


What is it saying? What do you want it to say?

A wardrobe cleanse can move you forward in many ways:
From best color palette to enhancing your own shape, to finding your style, 

organizing, storing, releasing and editing EVERYTHING in your wardrobe.

From learning how to Shop in your own wardrobe to Re-styling & Re-branding.

How to stay "attire" motivated and how to get creative!

But the most important thing a Wardrobe Cleanse will do for you is that, 

as we “Play dress up" we are releasing, letting go of things and "ideas",

we are actually giving form and creating that next version of yourself! 

We are shaping and grounding the foundations of your own personal Brand.


A wardrobe Cleanse allows for the new You to emerge!

So that You can see it, to feel it to BE IT! … 

A mighty alignment of your Beauty & Style 

that will be infused into your LifeBrand&Business.



RELEASE & REFRAME that which is not You any more to that which IS you now!

REPURPOSE & REFRESH what is already there, jumpstart it's magic!

RESTYLE & REBRAND the new YOU that is ready to be seen!



That when you think about your wardrobe 

you feel Activated! Motivated! Connected! Inspired and Elevated!



PART 1: Style/Brand Profile one-on-one consultation. 
  This process is all about "Getting to know you, getting to know all about you!"

What is the vision you have OF you and FOR YOU?

  Via a virtual video call, we will map out & visualize your Style & Brand. 

Connect to what your current wardrobe looks like. 

   We will cover, color, shape, likes & dislikes, power pieces.

   Understanding how to put feelings & look together and 

how attitude can be found in an outfit and become a confidence builder.

PART 2: Wardrobe Editing!
  Editing is the key word! From Head to toeS! 

   We will meet virtually or in person, and go through your closet piece by piece 

and decide if it should stay or if it should go!

   What to store and what to donate, what to repurpose, what can be altered.

We will cover, color, shape, likes & dislikes, power pieces.

   Space will be created! Old pieces resuscitated and your TRUE Style elevated!

We will have a clearer idea of what could be added to your new refreshed wardrobe!

(in the case that something needs to be added.)

  Your shopping experience will be transformed after our time together.


PART 2 bis: Putting It together with what you’ve got.

This last part is about understanding how to bring it all together:

YOU + Wardrobe + Feeling + Style + Brand
We’ll create looks that will amplify this new found version of YOU.

Plus, how to style from day-to-night / for stage presentations,on camera looks.
We will BRANDstyle your wardrobe and infuse your business with it

through a simple system I have developed on how to make it easy to be “BRAND SEEN READY”
(Be Ready for Calls, videos, Content Creation, workshop delivery, etc)

* The Wardrobe Cleanse & ReStyle can be VIRTUAL or IN PERSON.


Once we are done,

you will have a new reframed and refreshed wardrobe & version of yourself.

Your style will be a true representation of who you are and you will love being YOU,

You will feel lighter, put together, CONFIDENT … 


Are you ready for a Wardrobe Cleanse?

Are you ready to RE discovering what you are about ?


(*) Ask me about Preferred Pricing for Headshot Extravaganza Experience & Content Creator Lab members.

"To thine own self be true"
A wardrobe cleanse and a style reframe is what will bring out and align the new you.

Grounding your brand and your vision even more.

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