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Ale B's Beauty Circle

A sacred space for women to come together to re-discover their beauty,

 reveal their essence and reclaim their time.

Tune into you like never before.

Shift your mindset and re-frame your beliefs 

through the art of makeup without you even realizing it. 

Easy Makeup & skincare routines that will boost your confidence and

activate the essence of who you are!

From skin care to makeup and everything in between!

Become beautiful in your own eyes! 


Learn how to optimize your time without compromising your health, through my simple Beauty routine & application technique.


In a world where our image is everywhere,

Master your makeup from day time 

to night time, to camera ready!


Shine your beauty in every direction!

Re-connect to you,

In life and in Business!

"Ale sees beauty everywhere and working with her inspired me to be more visible. She led me through an amazing process of seeing my beauty from the inside out and enhancing what I have.

She is love personified. 

This is mindset work at its best--I didn't realize my beliefs were shifting because we were having so much fun playing and laughing. Her makeup line is gentle and easy to use. Her mini photo shoot let me see "me" elevated--playful and light. I highly recommend working with her!"


— Name, Title


"What a magical day we had!

You’ll never look at yourself the same way again.

Ale B’s Beauty Circle is a gem. Thank you for the love you bring to your work. "



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