Alejandra Buljevich (“Ale B”) is a seasoned stage prep expert that helps high level professionals own the stage.


As a professional theater performer, director and image consultant, she has prepared her clients for a range of high stakes presentations such as TedEX Talks, play auditions and video productions. Her private clients include entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers.


A gifted teacher and performer, Ale has been trained and mentored by Wynn Handman, an innovator of American theatre, as well as several of the most influential directors in her native Argentina. Mr. Handman personally selected Ale to become a member of his famous acting studio, an acting lab that shaped the careers of countless big screen and stage stars.


Before coming to New York, Ale ran her own theatre studio and theatre company in Argentina where she performed, taught acting and directed full-scale productions.


In her spare time, Ale runs the Shine Your Light Project, a forum she founded to mentor kids and teens to unlock their potential using the medium of theatre.


When she is not working with influencers or mentoring young people, Ale B can be found sharing her cruisings around New York City on her scooter with the world. 

It is me, Ale B, The Beautifier, Visibility director and Stage Expert!

 I consider myself a light worker that ignites confidence, joy, love and magic in people. I am here to assist, serve, guide, teach, uplift, encourage women of all ages see, feel and be the being we are born to be! 

I have been fortunate and curious enough to develop my talents throughout my life. I can truly say I am a lady of many hats (Literally and figuratively!) Some of the layers to me: Actor, Director, Teacher, Set designer, Wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, Producer, choreographer. I love them all and they all come with me when doing what I do! 

My theatrical background, both backstage & on stage, allow me to see that 360 vision of the person I am working with and bring it to life, in images & in mood..  My expertise as a teacher allows me to bring out the Essence of you and activate your Magic in such a way, that there is no going back, but only forward in the best version of you!

From the safe life I had in Buenos Aires, I move to New York City taking a leap of faith for my soul and I. With a suitcase in each hand and open to the opportunity to experience ME again, from the start. I knew there was a bigger plan for me on this earth, my job in my country was don ...  for now.

In New York I acknowledge my wings and see the opportunities of possibilities. I have created a business I am very much proud of, working with amazing human beings that are here to move the world forward! Ignite the magic in you!

They say that when you do what you love, you don't work a day in your life.
I love doing what I LOVE!