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Wardrobe ReVamp & ReBrand.

This is a 1 on 1 session with Ale B. In person is always best, but Virtual is just as effective. 

Feel your style, feel your tune.

Allign your "self" to the new you and enhance it accordingly!

Do you feel disconected, unmotivated and unispired every time you open your wardrobe?

Do you find your wardrobe has "shrunk" and it does not fit any more?

Or perhaps you have eveolved, or your business has grown so you dont feel alligned with that transformation.

If you want a new perspective on Change of season , re-purporsing what you already have and getting a new perspective on how to put them together, or just start fresh, THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!

There will also be some "Out with the old in with the new" creating space for new energies to come in!

Life passes, bodies change, we evolve and so does our style. This experience allows your style to evolve with you!.

From color chart to enhancing your own shape, organizing, storing and editing your wardrobe.

Bringing body, soul and style all in one again.


With Ale B's wardrobe re-activation you'll find your true new You in You!


For full details & info, Book your call with Ale B. CLICK HERE.



Wardrobe ReVamp&ReBrand DEPOSIT

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