A sacred loving space for women of all ages to come together to reveal and re-claim their beauty, their essence, their “self”. Integrating the fullness of who they are.

Be inspired. Be creative. Be loved.




LEARN the essentials of skincare and makeup and how to do it yourself. Easy, simple tricks & tips for life! A self-love ritual that will easily be incorporate to your everyday.

FEEL the connection to your skin and learn how to listen to it’s needs.

TEST my loving skincare and makeup line, designed to simplify our life, with long lasting performance and a “makeup-no-makeup” feel and finish to it. 

SHINE your beauty from head-to-toe and from the inside-out!

Plus, you get a lip product of your choice!


It really isn’t about the makeup, but about the journey we will take & how it will teach us to become beautiful in our own eyes.


Self-care is one of the most fundamental factors to our happiness and fulfillment.

Yet it is the act we feel most shameful of, most guilty of, and most undeserving of.

As women, we are taught that our needs come second… always. 

But it is our divine calling to treat ourselves - and our bodies - like the living, breathing altars that they are...

One small change in the way you feel about yourself, can lead to huge changes in your life. There is so much Beauty in self-transformation, because what is more beautiful than coming home to you?


You can have this intimate experience one-on-one or you can share it with your best friend, your aunt, mother, Nonna, sister, daughter, neighbour and all  the sisterhood! 

Because at the end of the day, experiences are the only thing worth collecting in life!


“I serve, help, heal, assist, teach, guide and elevate women of all ages to embrace their Beauty and shine it in every direction, so they become more of the being they are meant to be. Embracing Acceptance, Confidence and Self-Love, the most beautiful things we can wear!.” Ale B


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BEAUTY CIRCLE one-on-one