The SHINE your LIGHT Project Presents Summer Camp Theatrical Edition

AUGUST  4-6-11 & 13. For Kids Ages: 13-17


Have your kids been bored and restless in the last few months?

Are you worried that your kid is unmotivated?

Are you looking for something fresh and different that will help your kids have fun again?


As a parent these are probably very tough times, I get it, I’ve worked with kids almost all my life and I understand what you are all going through.


That is why I created the THE SHINE YOUR LIGHT project SUMMER CAMP EDITION for TEENAGERS OF THE WORLD was born.

Is a creative lab where you will get into action using the power of theater.

A place where you can be motivated, connected and inspired again.


This is what you will learn how to DO during our time together.

- create a production from scratch,

- direct it,

- perform it,

- light it,

- style it,

- shoot it,

- make things happen with just what is at hand,

- turn the ordinary into the extraordinary

You will find-amplify & express your voice through experiencing your own magic and share it in community.


What The Camper can expect?

* New friends from around the world!

* Try new things in a safe creative space.

* Have new tools that you can use in your life.

* You will learn skills to think outside of the box and explore possibilities.

* Reignite and feed your imagination and creativity.

* Planting the seed of purpose and giving back

* And most importantly, YOU are going to LAUGH  … A LOT !

I give you my word!



Setting The StageThis week is all about getting to know each other and themselves. It’s about discovering what really motivates them, what stirs their soul, what are their limitations, what are the layers they choose to keep from the world … through acting techniques, acting games and creative challenges, we will get them out of their head and in contact with the core of their essence. An invitation to explore their own potential.


2ND WEEK: The Creation This week is all about the technicals and bringing everything together. Time to enhance what we’ve discovered on week 1 and bring the production to life. Tell the story visually. How to set it up, from light, to makeup, wardrobe, and set. We will be working with what is at-hand to expand their imagination and their creative genius!. No need to buy extra stuff, we will work with what you have at home. You will be invited to the production showcase at the end of camp. The showcase will be recorded so campers can share with their communities what they’ve created. Encouraging the seed of purpose and giving back. I look forward to supporting you and your kids. Together we can Shine our light to the solutions.

Mark your calendar: we are meeting on these dates:

- WEEK 1:  Tuesday 4 &  Thursday 6

- WEEK 2:  Tuesday 11 & Thursday 13

TIME: 11AM to 1PM EST.


Session length: 2 weeks, 2 days per week, 2 hours a day

Registation Deadline: AUGUST 3

Classes are limited and exclusive to 10 campers for now. Get your spot today! Investment: $397

Please fill in the questionnaire you will get upon registertration. (If you have trouble opening the link, please send an email to and you will be sent a new link.

Thank you!

Non refundable only exzchange for other service or product.