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Liquid Lustre TWINKLE

- Dimensional lip gloss - Shimmering shine - Hint-of-color

What is it?

Super lustrous gloss leaves lips lush, full and sparkling like precious gems. 

Preservative-free. Paraben-free.

What's Inside?

Lip Plumping Peptide Complex Maxi-Lip helps to stimulate collagen and glycosaminoglycan synthesis, to leave lips looking voluptuous. Marine Filling Collagen Micro-Spheres instantly plumps and hydrates lips, making them smoother and fuller. Mango, Kokam & Shea Butter hydrate and condition lips. Vitamins A, C & E are antioxidant vitamins that help to protect cells from free radical damage.


The iridescence of the mini glitter will make your lips tridimensional and really makes your lips twinkle! It uplifts the way I look at myself. Recommended for Glitter-holics!

Liquid Lustre TWINKLE

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