Jack L'Orange. 

There are only 2 Jack L' Orange. Made out of recycled paper,one  Jack L'Orange ​is surrounder by bats,m while the other one is with spiders and stars.

They are both wearing a unique top hat with a frill, made out of recycled paper! 
It is Light and easy to wear. An elastic will hold it in place.


This Halloween, amplify the witch within with 

a Wearable Sparkler by Ale B,

One -of-a-kind Headpieces

that will give you an instant bling

bringing out your beauty from within!

A Sparkler can be a headpiece, a Cocktail hat, a fascinator, hairband or a clip.

Handmade out of recycled paper in New York.

Infused with Love and Magic by Ale B!

JACK L'Orange