Is it a Hat?

Is it a Cocktail Hat?

Is it a Fascinator? 


What's a Sparkler you wonder?

It's a one-of-a-kind wearable showpiece with multiple possibilities.

A two-piece accessory for multitasking wearing.

1- A Base (Made out of recycled paper) which is then covered in leather or suede which also works as a holder to the detachable clip. 

2- A detachable decorative clip or "Spark" that you can re-clip in various ways that when put together they make a cocktail hat.

The detachable "clip" can also be attached to any of your other hats, a bracelet creating a beautiful corsage or on your lapel.

Ale B has the first inspirations but then it is up to you to continue renovating these bewitching wearable showpieces!

Great conversations pieces that unveil your beauty from within. 


For the young, for the old, for the big and the small

For the Happy or Sad, there is a SPARKLER for all!


This Halloween, amplify the witch within with 

a Wearable Sparkler by Ale B,

One -of-a-kind Headpieces

that will give you an instant bling

bringing out your beauty from within!

A Sparkler can be a headpiece, a Cocktail hat, a fascinator, hairband or a clip.

Handmade out of recycled paper in New York.

Infused with Love and Magic by Ale B!